Friday, August 28, 2009


This is the rag tied blanket that I made. this is the first one i have ever done. i think it turner out kinda cute.

This is the cute magnet board that jake made for zyanne. It really heavy and big. He made this at his work.
Jake surprised me last week with this cute little sign he made for our house. We are going to put some barn wood behind it and make it look all rustic. He is so talented. If any one would like some think cut out of stainless still let me know. he is amazing. Thanks jake.


Chana said...

Sooo cute! I love all of them!
I have a bunch of rag quilts to make but I haven't started yet! Yours turned out really cute - maybe I won't be as scared anymore!

Lee Family said...

Love the blanket, those are the best to make and you did a great job. It was fun to see you guys tonight.

Leslie said...

I love love love the blanket and those signs are so cute!!! Maybe we'll have him make one for us,.. that is when we're rich :) How are you?

Nick and Dyanna said...

oh Danielle that blanket turned out cute! I love it. How does Jake cut into steel? Does he do it free hand or is it computerized?

Shantell said...

Dan! I will text you and we will plan something. I am going to be getting married soon... well not until next summer. I am pretty excited about it. His name is Brandon and him and Jake are SOOOO much alike! I am not even kidding! You would love him! You need to meet him! We are just going to be getting rid of some debt and then we will be looking at rings... :) He has already talked to my mom and dad! Also I love the crafts! You should teach me how to do those rag quilts. I want to do one for Brandon for x-mas. And I will pay Jake to do one of the metal signs when I get married. I love it! It turned out so well! He Is so good! Did he freehand it??? Have you guys bought a house yet? Brandon is looking at houses in Lehi! haha! It is pretty exciting!
Well I will be in touch!
Lets get some "adult" time in! haha!

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