Friday, March 13, 2009

Pictures of california

Zyann's new favorite thing is pull things out of what ever they are in.
Us at the San Diego temple.
Isnt that the coolest back ground of the sunset. I loved it.

Look at her teeth on the bottom she is getting two on top.

Jake, Zyanne, Tom, and Jacoby

Look at his face he looks scared.
Dont they look alike?

she didnt know what to think of the sand or the ocean. But she liked it.

This was Zy's first time on the swings. She loved it can you tell.


We went to San Diego last weekend and had a blast. We took Zyanne to the beach and the zoo. She had a blast doing all these things with her favorite aunt, uncle and cousin. We flew there and then drove home. Zyanne did great the hole time even though she got croup the day before we left. she was sick and was still a trooper and hung in their. She is so much fun and had a blast playing with Jacoby. I cant wait until they move back so we can have play dates all the time. We miss you guys so much already and it has not even been a week. Thanks for every thing guys. We love you appreciate all that you have done for us.

The Booths

The Booths