Monday, September 12, 2011

whats new in our lives....

Well it has been way to long. We finally moved out of my parents house and are living in an apartment in provo. Its SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO nice to finally be out on our own again. We are currently expecting our 3rd baby GIRL, yes you herd that right, another girl. Poor jake is going to be in a house full of drama lol. We could not be more excited. Zy started preschool and is loving it. She keeps asking when she can go again. She is so smart and is catching on to every thing really fast. Edie is just a little ball of fire and very indepandant you can not help her with any thing because she wants to do it all her self. With out these two beautiful little girls our life would not be so interesting and full of fun. We love them so much. Jake will be starting school again in January and so for now we are moving along and trying to make our lives a little better. I will post some pictures up soon but we dont have the internet at our place yet so it is hard to find time to blog. So for now this is our story. Until next time.

Monday, March 7, 2011


This is the hair that got ripped out of her head.

This is what her hair looks like down now. you can kinda tell that there is a bald spot.
So yesterday i was making a cake with the kitchen aid and zy was watching. I turned around telling her to sit down so she does not fall. Well in the mean time i hear a scream so I turn around thinking she fell. well I noticed that part of her pony tail was pulled out, I just thought that maybe Jacoby pulled her hair cause he was up there with her. She was holding her head and just sobbing so I pulled her hair back and looked and noticed there was a pretty big chunk of hair missing. I was kinda confused as to what happened still. Then I looked at the kitchen aid and noticed that there was a big chunk of hair stuck around the top of the thing that spins. Well i didnt see what happened but looking at this and then looking at zy I think she bent over to sit down and that thing just reached out and got tangled in her hair. But in stead of just pulling it and then letting go it just ripped it out. I mean it ripped it so hard that she had a huge goose egg, and a little bit of a bruise. So these pictures are of her hair where it got ripped out and then its kinda hard to tell in the pictures that she has a bump or a bruise. I felt so bad. I guess she wont be helping make cakes or any thing with this thing any more.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Edynn's 1 yrs pictures.

We were out doing pictures up the canyon and zy had to pee. so what did i do. had her pop a squat. lol i know its prob not a good thing to teach them this young but it was either that or let her pee her pants.

Friday, January 21, 2011

photo update

The Booths

The Booths