Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sorry every,
I know it has taken me way to long to post some new pics but i lost my camera cord, and I just found it last week. So here is some new pics hope you like them.

Zy is not a big fan of the water but for some reason loves the hose.

Zy playing with poppa's hat. she loves this hat.

She walks around with it like this and just laughs at her self cause she thinks she is so funny!!

Me and shay on the 4th.

Us on the 4th.

Pou and jess.

The girls on the 4th.

Zyanne in her cute 4th outfit.


Mel said...

Dan, Zy is getting SO big! She is so cute! She's turning blonde too. Karsen's hair is getting sun bleached and is about the same color as hers! We should get together when I get back from Cali!

Shantell said...

Holy cow! I love the pictures danielle! You guys have the cutest family in this world! Looks like everything is going good. I am happy for you guys! Zy is so big! it blows my mind! She is a cutie! We need to get together! Lunch at Gurus???

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