Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new pictures.

So there is nothing new or interesting going on in our lives right now. we are just trying to find some where to rent that will let us have a dog. If you know of any where let me know PLEASE!

Zyanne loves dogs of any size and color.

Jacoby and Zyanne playin together.

Poppa and the kids

Mommy and Daddy's nap time with our chaperone.

Look mom no hands!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes they do fight over the same toys, it is so funny.

I love this picture. I love her big eyes.

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Mel said...

Danielle! It's Mel! Your baby is getting so big, so is mine. It's crazy how fast they grow up! I came across your blog and thought I would say hi! I have a blog but it's private, you should send me your email and I will send you an invite to it. melissa.monroe@live.com hope to talk to you soon!

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