Monday, December 1, 2008

Porter and Zyanne taking a little nap together. They love to play together and take naps together. Maybie some day they will get married. :)
I made this huge blanket for casey for christmas 2 years ago. We were all cuddeling under this huge blanket. lol. good times.

I put Zyanne in this johnny jumper and she was having so much fun. She was jumping and screaming and laughing, just having a blast in it.


Lee Family said...

Love the pic's of little Zyanne is so sweet. She seems to be such a good baby.

Nick and Dyanna said...

Danielle she is getting so big! I can't believe how fast they grow up. She is a cutey!

Jenny and Justin said...

Hey Danielle!!I'll add you to my friend list:)

Nikki Sly said...

She is too cute Dan, I love her! :)

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