Thursday, November 13, 2008

our lives in a nut shell so far.

So Jake told me last night that starting on saturday night he has to work until thanksgiving strate, no weekends off, and 12 hour days so he may not come home he may just stay in price. Geez what will i do with my self. Any ways Zyanne turned 5 months old on monday and is rolling over, sitting up by her self and when she wants some thing she will throw a little fit til she gets is. She is so funny i love her. I on the other hand am still the same ol same ol, just bussy being a mom. Getting ready for christmas. We are looking for a house but are not having any real luck. so hopefully some day soon we will find one.


Gena Bertelsen said...

Danielle, she is so beautiful! Dani said your family went through the temple! Congratulations and enjoy the wonderful blessings! Come see us!

Jessica said...

Hey! I just found your blog on lacys and i just had to stop by and say hello! That sucks your hubby will be working like that. My husband will be moving to rosevelt in a few weeks for about 1 year! He worked in vernal last year for 6 months too. It goes by fast and at least it is only for a little bit! Beautiful daughter, btw:)

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